No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/5/2004 4:38:54 PM
Well, this is it. My first rant (Coined I belive from the MegaTokyo site...Which inspired me and Josh as well to do many things) and I dont even know what to talk about. I am the artist for Joshua Ricart... refered to some as Jota, properly known as Jorge... But you can call me Joruji ;D I guess Ill talk a little about the Comic. As you can probably see from my current sections, theres many sketches about character design and other doodles. Thats because I'm currently in that stage. Story wise, well... Im not much of a writer, but im going to try. Ive got a current plot to start things off. And yes... it involves "Me and Friends" starring in our adventure... Basically me and josh played around with this idea of a post apocolyptic world, where worrior tribes strive for strength, power, knowledge, and glory... The story will revolve around the Samurai(Joshua) VS. Ninja(ME) Rivalry... plus other colorful characters... heh heh... Jasser weilds his imfamous SHIRASAYA... ... Well better get back to work... or this is all Ill have to write about next time... SANITARIO!!

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