No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 12/5/2005 8:53:48 AM
So then, last night an attempt was made to add another RSS feed to the options for front-page customization, but, [I blame Jorge's computer] considering the fact that I wasn't using my own machine, it didn't work. I'll take another look at it later, I suppose it's not all that important anyway.

Last night I experienced an epiphany. I realized that I was thinking of one aspect of the database all wrong. Instead of worrying about directory structure, I'd forgotten that the entire purpose of the table was to register all images, hence they could all be housed within a single directory. Of course, with this enlightenment came the other realization about why such a simple concept hadn't [apparently] occurred to me; it's the lack of software to accomplish what I wish. This is the one and only reason I haven't made this damn thing happen. However, I'm currently working on a means of solving that issue and if all goes well, I will have my way.

On a last note, we've stumbled on a snag in our plans. Jorge, do not rant, speak, or write a single word of what we discussed last night to anyone including group members. This is one of a few issues with which I wish to speak about when I call our meeting of the founding fathers. It'll be for your ears alone and no one else may know.

I repeat:
Jorge, do not speak a word of what we discussed last night to anyone.

In all truth, solving these last handful of problems will set my gears in motion, until then I'll probably just remain in the same state of procrastination I've become notorious for. Jasser and Jorge, the two of you have been informed about my wishes to hold a meeting of the founding fathers. At first Jasser's schedule got in the way, then Jorges desire to spend time in Lauderhill, and now Jasser's school work; I will have my meeting, however.

Gentlemen, I nod my head to you in recognition and await your response.

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