No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/30/2005 12:57:55 AM
What I find most amusing about yesterday is that I started the day out with a quick rant in which I quote a line that says something about the world revolving with or without me. The entire day was spent proving this concept to me. Simply one of those terrible days that just happens, comes with no warning, and just as it came it leaves. I'm thinking little of it now though, the day is over and in the past; onward ho.

So then, it seems that there's talk going on about Sam/Nin without any formal meetings. Additionally, the crew is actually growing in numbers. By the looks of things, I may have to overhaul this site and rethink the whole concept. We're gonna have users alright, but they're gonna be the people involved. The whole backend of the site needs to be redesigned now, but I shrug. Currently just crossing my mind how it is I'm to present new people on the site. Changing the layout to accomodate more individuals just won't work and would look pretty bad. I'm gonna have to present my concerns before the group to see what ideas we can come up with. I hadn't anticipated the involvement of more people, even though I should have seen it coming.

Aside from that, I find myself on a collision course with a busy month. Apparently (like I said) I want to fill up as much time as possible and with the work load I'm looking to take on, it may very well happen. However, the site is gonna reap from the rewards as I work on other projects, new methods and hacks can/will be applied to the site as they become readily available. My mission now is really to get Neo Tokyo underway so that it may operate at maximum efficiency with little effort or attention on my part so that I may concentrate on my other projects.

Not much else to say, just was on this late and wanted to post something; some sort of effort to make up for a lack of ranting I've had this past week or two. If there's any news out there, I'd like to hear of it. Jasser ... Jorge ... anything from you guys?
Catch you on the down side.

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