No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/15/2004 10:35:47 PM
So much better, these days. I've just gotten off visiting the old server for TeamFortress that I used to play on. It's quite amazing actually, I had quit playing multiplayer FPS a while back when I lost the time for them, but playing it just now was rather therapeutic. As I played [awfully due to the fact I'd forgotten all the controls], I was stuck amidst the nostalgia of being back in the old server. However, it was as I thought it would be...empty. As I've told all before, these online multiplayer games just don't last. I tend to grow attached to these sort of things and then I realize less and less people are playing and so eventually, I leave. Even the forums are dead. I could tell they were trying to liven things up with some threads and making some players admins, but it just doesn't cut it.

However, let's not have any of those old sentiments. I will be updating Code Adam quite soon. As for this site...hmm. Considering the fact that we don't really have that great a 'turnout,' I don't worry too much about it. In fact, this site is what has been gettin' at me this past week. Too much to handle, I guess. And so, due to webmaster's need of a break, work shall be postponed for one-two days. I'll gather myself, then I'll start on that damn image DB I've been constantly puttin' on hold.

Till then,

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