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Post Date: 2/3/2005 11:49:37 PM


Well, migrating the rest of the websites. I'm starting by setting up the nameserver so that this new one will take the role of DNS [just something that will facilitate the creation of subdomains later on]. Will be setting this up, if the site goes down, well, I'll say that it'll probably stay down till I figure this whole thing out. That's all though, then everything moves over [and I terminate my old contract {but don't tell them that} and free myself from that expense].


Well, the site has crossed over to the new server, albeit with a few minor issues [most due to my lack of know-how in matters of migration]. However, I'm quite excited, with this new server, I'll be able to do more. Althought I like my old server's IP address [grew fond of it], I'm willing to let it go. Currently I've got two servers, but I'll be letting the older one go...was a good run while it lasted. If it were up to me, I'd keep it, but there's simply no sense in having an expense that big, at least, not at this time in my life.
Well, welcome to the new server...many things are to come.

Josh Ricart shall be the first of my sites to migrate to the new server. Being the pilot for this necessary migration, I'm not entirely sure what to may be a smooth transition, it may go bad. If the site goes down (::shrugs::); if it successfully switches over, I guarantee all the rest will go that same day it's done. I've just recently got the new server configured to accept new sites, but it's not like the software is all in there yet, so a lot of features that old one has aren't there yet (i.e. - webmail, confidence in an established/working server environment, etc.). For one, the user/admin control panel for this site will be disabled until the move is complete, no more than three days (as this is the largest needed amount of time for a website to properly propagate). However the benefits involved in making the change are far to obvious to not do this now.

I'm hoping to avoid extra expenses as I'm cutting back on my spending these days (came across one hell of a month some time back and find myself still recovering). I like confort and convenience, having to worry about money is not a part of the plan.

See ya on the other side...

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