No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/17/2005 11:37:23 PM
Welcome to the death...ahem, I mean grasping-for-dear-life message from Josh Ricart. The site has been highly ignored. Considering that we only have [I've only allowed] three users to make any noticeable changes, I don't wonder why that is. Currently I'm too busy to do anything about, including care. I don't even mind sounding a little 'bloggish.' If you would like an update about happenings in Josh's or Jorge's world, just click on my name and send me an email, rest assured I keep up with that. As for Jasser...he's lost. I'll probably call him some time in the future [if I remember this message], but for the time being, I haven't time to think of much.

My only day to really slack off some is Saturday and it seems that I always have someone looking to share my time then. Aside from that, I've got far too much to worry about to fool around from Sunday to Friday. However, I am glad to say that may have triple my work efforts, but am actually lessening my stress as I am now practicing stress relieving exercises [i.e. - practicing my swing {and I don't mean golf}]. So, if any still visits this site, send me an email, I'd like to atleast know that someone still comes here [and that doesn't mean you Jorge]. That's all from my end...


P.S. - The Japanese account seemingly went to hell, but don't worry Jorge/Jasser, cash is safe if ever you want and I'm willing to free up.

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