No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 12/14/2004 1:48:51 PM
Well, it seems that the Japanese account has gone to hell. Hasn't been any deposits for some two or three weeks. I'm not too worried about my own balance, I can simply transfer at any time [so why haven't I...?], but it's the other two.

Sean's back down here, came down 'cause there's not much to do up north what with the break. So there will be much gaming under way. I tested some of his new games for Halo 2. I like the 'god-like' Juggernaut he created; when we played, there was much carnage. I still think back to that duel with the two swords and still can't fathom the possibility of that outcome. There's also the very nice assault he put together. CTF and Territories is finally done right. So there will be much goodness for guests come next Halo Night, more particularily for the seasoned gamers. However, Juggernaut encourages team-work...
*Josh begins to laugh hysterically and cannot stop
But anyway, there's some good stuff headed our way as far as the gaming goes.

A few secrets to be unleashed this January, quite some things are due to change, for a lot of people. Too much turmoil for my taste, if you ask me. Except maybe for the one dealing with my State Farm agent...heh heh heh...but that' beside the point.

Back to the point at hand...MONEY>>>JAPAN
Get the picture?

Japanese Account
Week 11 [week of Dec. 13]
Amount due: 50
Individual Cumulative Total Due: 550
Individual Cumulative Totals:
410 - Jorge
350 - Josh
200 - Jasser
Cumulative Total Due: 1650
Cumulative Total: 960.08 [Running Balance]
Accrued Interest: 8ยข

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