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Post Date: 11/29/2004 10:03:26 AM
'Halo Night' went well, considering. I'm actually rather proud of my little party. In total, 14 guests passed by that room, but we only got to play with 12 at once [cause the last two came a little late and the party was already beginning to dwindle]. However, I'm proud of my achievement [I came through with what I promised...12-player action in Halo 2]. We had four units setup at the party [unit = copy of Halo 2, TV set, and XBox]. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I hung out with my favorite gal, so no complaints from me. I'll give a list of our attendees along with a full report on the nights events and my role in it in a article over at Memoirs and put the link here for any that are interested. However, I will thank Julian and his parents here...Gil, you're a more-than reasonable man, not many fathers would allow some 12 'kids' to get together and shout there lungs out as they shoot each other. So, rest assured...I'll write the article when I can settle down some and manage to make some time for it, then link it here.

What with my having organized 'Halo Night,' I didn't have the time [or the head room] to think about the Japanese account. We're falling behind, but I won't let this last long. Jorge and Jasser, I shall be demanding funds soon...very soon. Prepare yourselves, it's week 9, had a good weekend [dreading the thought {all good brings bad, right?}], and have money on the mind.

Seems I'll be doing quite a lot of work this week. As I was writing this rant, I get a call from Brickell...seems that work is catching up with me [and I'm falling behind...oi]. Can't complain though, it's what I do. If not for all the work, I wouldn't have the tense neck muscles...hence, nothing to complain about to Jerny.

I've posted the first story of Halo Night on Memoirs. Here's a direct link to it..."Prelude to Halo Night"

Japanese Account
Week 9 [week of Nov. 29]
Amount due: 50
Individual Cumulative Total Due: 450
Individual Cumulative Totals:
 410 - Jorge
 350 - Josh
 200 - Jasser
Cumulative Total Due: 1350
Cumulative Total: 960.08 [Running Balance]
Accrued Interest: 8¢

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