No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/28/2004 10:06:59 AM
Geez...what a month. Primary checking has suffered the most, I haven't spent so freely since that time in Vegas when I spent 'bout ten hours in this magic shop over at the Stratosphere...but that's beside the point. I'm invoicing left and right, getting all that stuff back and [more importantly] I'm gonna start using the company accounts ['bout damn time]. I need to transfer the corresponding funds there, but I'm gonna start using it [even though there's so much more convenience in simply using private for EVERYTHING].

My list of freelancers is growing...soon enough, I'll be able to make referrals for ANYTHING anyone might need. The projects are a bit slow, having trouble keeping up with all the work [::sigh::]. I find that I've lost touch with my inner-gamer, I'm hoping the new releases are gonna liven me up some. If anything, I'll do for the sake of tradition all the same, so that's something to look forward to.

Jorge, where are the new chibbies!?! Josh wants an animated chibby [growl].

Japanese Account
210 - Jorge
110 - Josh
150 - Jasser

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