No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/14/2004 3:24:23 PM

Okay, so here's how it goes...
 Jorge was after changing the chibbies, then I was after changing the chibbies, now we're both after it and so it's gonna get done. Jota's got an idea for doing this, he wan't animated chibbies that spread the overall theme/mood of the rant, I agree and will implement the coding necessary for selecting the mood and add the new portion to the database [ain't it great being a programmer and database designer]. Additionally, a thought that occurred to me five minutes prior to my ranting is XML. I can finally start using these new RSS skills [that are newly acquired and untested] to some use and create a feed for rants on 'Josh Ricart.' Don't think there will ve much use for it, nor will the feed be used, but atleast it'll be an addition. I think I'd like to bring in the feed from MT ['least that'll keep things fresh].
 Nonetheless, Jorge and I will join forces once again to present more of those scans from that fateful night. Hopefully, we'll design a better system for presentation than posting them on a page [first generation website crap that just won't go with me anymore].
 Finally, acquisition of the new server went just fine, I'll install some software on it and I'll be a full fledged Host Service Provider [HSP]. I'll be hosting now, finally, officially, and [soon enough] profitably. Any users out there looking for design, hosting, or any tech related needs, simply click on the name and send me an email; we have custom solutions to anything needed.
That's it for my update [how 'bout seeing one from Jasser...?]


Japanese Account:
$160 - Jorge
$100 - Josh
$100 - Jasser

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