No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/11/2004 9:54:16 AM

If I'm not mistaken, I'm preparing myself for my next collapse. Ahh, the joys of youth mingled with the ability to think. How we do tend to make fools of ourselves.

My predictions for the next collapse is for ending week of the 18th or beginning of week of the 25th. That is, so long as I [or third party] don't interfere with the spiralling

However, the only problem with this is that I mustn't lose my head for the following two or three weeks. What with the acquisition of the new server completed, I must concentrate on my various projects. Most importantly, I won't have someone to push my weight onto this time around [the full force of my whirlwind can easily knock the wind out of anyone].

Baka Amerikanjin

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