No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/3/2004 2:08:20 PM
...and so, Josh gets an extra day off, thanks to Frances [the hurricane]. Not sure what to do with the time, however. I'd most likely end up working some more on my latest [paying] project, but everyone keeps telling me to stop working. What's one to do?

Aside from that, I'm gonna be buying some more goods. Looking to get the Eternal Arcadia soundtrack [something I've been after for some years], I'll be importing it with Jorge's Guilty Gear XX soundtrack. Thinking of just wasting some money, not feeling up for much right now. I'll be changing the subject before this damn rant becomes a blog
*Josh shivers at the thought of...blogging

Well, I'll post something later. Think that this site is gonna start advancing soon. Seems that time again post new [old] scanned drawings and whatnot. Maybe a makeover is in order. However, none before I finish the DIPCS site, the poor thing has suffered long enough.

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