No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/20/2004 11:07:07 PM
Just thought I'd say 'howdy.'

Not much is being done, I'm trying to settle down before I go into my personal projects. Once I get the office work runnin' smoothly [I'm acting as accountant for about two weeks, so can't do my job], I'll really be able to get going. Code Adam is going to be worked on once again [yay], I've been trying to set a date with Jen [first one was a flop], then it'll go underway [I'll be pushing her to do more ^_^ ]. I plan to do a makeover of the company's website, I think that Meco looks old and could certainly use a new look; either way, I was going to upgrade the site [for the least]. New features, better security, and I'm gonna see if I can organize the office [with help from the site and a server].

Sorry, I've not payed much attention to 'Josh Ricart,' but like I said, gotta settle down. My little 'Memoirs' project isn't going anywhere either. Here's a link for those that haven't visited or forgot how to spell 'memoirs'

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