No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/11/2007 12:30:39 AM
Saiyu sen jiko yo!

Sorry, sorta got through watching "Teacher Please!" with Jorge, needless to say I got him hooked and he couldn't wait to get his fix. F'Course I made him watch it dubbed, so he probably didn't get the reference I made at the beginning of this rant [tee-hee].

So then that con was a success, or rather, it wasn't a failure. I've never been to good at attending workshops or any of those activities, I'm more prone to just sticking to the dealer's rooms to see if I can pick up some goodies. Hence, the success came from my purchasing of some items and (certainly) not from any other event. All the same, it was nice to get a break, we headed out on Thursday evening and didn't return till Sunday; although I didn't get to visit the pool (like I had originally set out to do from the start) I got some good rest out of it.

The only thing left to do now is setup that meeting, which means that now I have to scramble to prepare the work I wish to present to the group (that's as much detail as I'll be going into that matter). So then, group I need to know when we shall meet, I'm not entirely certain how soon I can free up time and for this reason I'm giving fair warning... so get a word in dammit.

For now that's all, I'll give an update when I've got some good news.

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