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Post Date: 12/30/2006 11:59:52 AM
Reporting from Atlanta...

You know, I take a look at this site (and all the others that I pretty much put together) and cannot help thinking to myself that there's much need to updating and upgrading of these websites. A few minor changes can go a long way; letme offer an example:
Earlier this month was the first year anniversary for (I'll withhold the name) FT renaissance. A little over a year ago I spent a hell of an all-nighter with a buddy of mine that had a website that needed some updating; this was an informative site created to promote is products. During the time we spent updating his site we made changes to such things as text, image presentation, created some new pages (in an effort to better organize the information), and offer some new features, but foremost important changes was some minor changes made to the layout of the page source to optimize for search engines. As it stands this year has been perhaps his best as he has sold a generous number of units and (having high profit margin) has been very much enjoying this newfound success. People around the world are finding his product through search engines and actually calling and writing to him with interest to purchase.

Now then I'm not writing this rant with the intention of proving anything or showing what I may be capable of. The mere truth of the matter is that I look at these sites I manage and notice a lack of updates, flawed design, little optimization, and a plethora of changes needed.

The problem lies in that I'm not entirely capable of slaving over a computer those long hours like I used to do and so find it undesirable to make the attempt. The methods by which I get this sort of work done does not allow for multiple sessions either, I must focus on the task and nothing else for hours until I complete whatever section of the project I am working on.

Currently I seek incentive to get me back on track with these small projects. I have the ideas for all the changes I could implement, just a lack of initiative to get me going at them. Gentlemen, any recommendations?

There's a good change I won't be ranting again till next year, so a happy new year to all and hope to touch base when I get back.

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