No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/11/2006 4:23:22 AM
Well then there's a meeting this Sunday, but you already know that. I'm not entirely certain what it is that the meeting is suppose to accomplish, but nonetheless it is necessary. For the least it'll give Jorge the opportunity to show off whatever new work he's got.

I've been thinking about the website, as is customary, and slightly stumpted as to what to present and what not to present. I have a load of information, but as far as what needs to be present is what gets me a little. As it stands there is no comic per se, so what is the purpose of the site? To be a resource of information for a comic that has not materialized? I understand that it is in the works, but when will this thing get some production time?

The problem as I view it is that there is no story, just an idea. Now then, stories come from ideas and you can tell an epic based on this one concept whether it be "what if..." or "the world throught the eyes of..." or any other concept, but the problem isn't necessarily the idea or initial concept just the follow thru (the rest of the story).

What if my key ring breaks and Josh begins to wear it on his right-hand's ring finger? The story could go that wherever he went the ring was on his finger and, for those individuals that decided to make their own assumptions, he seemed to be married. The story can expand into the continuation of this hoax with Josh speaking of his (nonexistant) family, his wife and kid and how they seem to feel lonely as a result of working so much throughout the week. However when free time does come about, Josh cannot settle down with his family and would much prefer to think to himself while sitting at the bar of a local Starbucks sipping his coffee.

I don't know, I could take this idea (the what if) and go with it and make an entire story out of it. Sam/Nin has got it's idea and yet we don't seem to take off. Why is this? Honestly I have not put any effort or thought into the story. I know I could probably write out the details of what would happen throughout the story, but I simply don't have the time nor incentive to do such a thing. It's not that I don't want to, but simply put I don't have the desire and there doesn't seem to be much purpose in trying. I figure that the moment I start working at it is the time when I've begun to dedicate and commit to it. My problem is that I get home and I sure as hell don't want to work on a computer, so I don't bother with the story and I don't bother with the site. I need something that puts that want in me to just go off. Jorge can draw whenever he wishes because he's got some incentive in him that will push him to just draw. On the other hand, I haven't much push to go with it. From past experience my best work usually comes when coming close to a deadline and I have the cooperation of others (i.e. folks holding me constantly accountable, sorta like a reminder).

I might bring it up in the meeting... perhaps. Anyway until then, I'll be quitting my ranting and just carry on with what I was doing. It's late as is and I'm not certain why it is that I'm still awake.

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