No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/27/2006 8:15:12 AM
Ever spin 'round that merry-go-round and never quite catch that ring?

Noentheless, now that the month is almost over, commitments are coming to an end and soon we will all be able to refocus our energy into the proper channels.

Jorge is trying to get back into writing... no comment. I have something that slightly hidden, but more or less waiting for the end of this month to advance with. And as for Jasser... he doesn't even rant.

The database is becoming more than just designs and I'm thinking up ways to output the pages the best possible. It's not just a matter of designing the look of the page, that may be a task that I'm not too fond of, but the true difficulty lies in the very creation because of all the factors that play a role in whether or not your page(s) become a success. I've got too much know-how on how the net works and my only problem is that I'm focusing too much on the whole and should probably just take it one step at a time, one page at a time, one section at a time.

Anyway, looking for updates from other folks. I'm M.I.A. on the rest of the world, but it'd be nice if folks still kept me clued in.

So from your friendly neighborhood IMO inspector, keep your USG-12 handy and don't get lost in the fray.

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