No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/12/2006 6:35:13 PM
A quick update as to the latest happenings...

A new entity is on the frontier and we confirmed it with final approvals last week. Updates on the progress are due in the future as the situation develops. Overall there will be much goodness coming from this and finally my reason to get to work on my end.

I've been out of town for too long. Two weeks ago I spent four or five days in Ocean Reef, down in Key Largo and relaxed in the sun while dining fine and having a few drinks with friends. This past weekend I spent in Orlando showing a Spanish buddy the fantasy land and places in the surrounding area. Got back finally and have been missing two weeks worth of appointments with Doc.

Final update is that my old boss died. Attended the funeral last night and burial this morning. I reserve all my comments to myself and don't seek any sympathy from any, if anyone is looking for information on the topic you may approach me and ask you damn questions.

Overall things have been busy, though little to do directly with Sam/Nin. However, Jorge has been duly working on his little bits and pieces and word has it that a 'final' draft has been completed, which I shall be reviewing soon.

If anymore updates are desired, please submit your queries by fax, phone, email, or in person and we will be more than welcomed to assist.

This is Josh... signing off.

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