No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/11/2006 7:49:08 PM
Well I've noticed that our ranting has really taken a toll for the worst. I'm not entirely certain what the cause behind this drastic drop is, but I'd like to change that. There are some terrible updates as far as the project goes. Story is sluggish, designs aren't moving, and we've got some issues [that aren't being announced yet].

Nothing in life that's worth a damn is easy to get. All the things that aren't worth a damn are easy to get. Getting mediocre or average is easy to get; getting something worthwhile is tough. I've got a full plate, as anyone that knows me will tell, but I still say we gotta get this machine out of nuetral and move forward as fast as we can.

Jorge and I have been meeting more often than not regarding the story and just getting feedback on where we wanna take the small details of the world and the culture of Sam/Nin.

Anybody that's looking for greatness has got challenge, after challenge, after challenge. What will we do as we come across the upcoming challenges this year with the story, with our careers, with our lives. Now's when we must stop wasting time and focus on what we want to accomplish. Otherwise we're destined for mediocre and average lives that will not satisfy.

By the way, my apologies for the ranting today, but I started ranting while listening to some of my voicemail. Night all.

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