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Post Date: 4/4/2004 6:40:12 PM
Alright, so what happens when Josh starts getting serious? A lot of work starts to get done. Not only is the logo done [thanks to help from Jona and Jorge], but I've figured out a nice site layout in my head that I think will work [for the time being]. It's gonna get a whole lot more interesting nowadays. They say google rates a site best by how many others link to it. When performing a search on my name, I show up 'bout four times, one or two for my sites and the other two for pages on Meco's [company I currently work for] website. I shall begin the linking process.
Looks to me like Joshua is gonna start making money, well, at least more of it. Heh-heh.

Alright, I'm trying to get back on track. Seems it's that time again when I start to pick up on all the little projects I strayed off of for some weeks. I'll have to start work on Code Adam again and, of course, this site. Not to mention finally making the company site, I've been way too laid back on that, hell, it's money we're talking about here. The sooner I get that damn thing running, the sooner I can rake in some cash :-)

First thing's first. I gotta figure out how to get Jorge's page to load faster. I think this is where some ASP is gonna kick some ass [pardon the profanity, I never speak such words {rest assured}, but it seemed proper here, heh]. I'll make the pages just so long; hmm, maybe I'll start a DB [database] and put all the crap on there and put this here server of mine to some work, lazy thing's been sitting around doing nothing but sayin' 'howdy' to the search bots. I'll tell ya something, though, once I get the ASP working, it's no more cut and paste of that damn footer page [at the bottom], hell, I'm automating everything!

By the way, as more of a foot note, that whole DB thing with the ASP I was typin' about earlier; the best reference I can give is to the company's [I work for] website. I made the inventory one page for all those machines in three different languages using one page for it all. The same goes for the Preview/photo page for the machines, I did all three languages using just one page that 'transforms' itself to whatever machine the visitor chose. Of course, I do seem to have a bit of a problem with ampersand [&], but aside from that, it's alright. Check it out,, just go the the inventory page.

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