No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/15/2005 4:44:27 PM
Well I thought it was somewhat productive, although it could have possibly doubled in productivity. There were waaay too many interruptions. There was also the whole part of having to explain the samnin universe to Sarai, which hopefully will not go to waste in the future. Everyone's input is expected.

We do need to talk about where Samnin is going to go in the long run. I mean I have the gist of it, but we need to expand more on what is the ultimate goal of the plot.

How does it end?

Does it end at all?

I havent been able to begin inking those drawings Josh gave me for the mere fact of my Architecture class. Hopefully though I'm going to get to do it all either Wednesday or Thursday. If there is going to be a meeting this Saturday, I won't be able to make it unless it extends past 5:15, which is when I get out of work. I will see to it that those drawings get delivered to Jota by Saturday though... along with his pencils.

Hopefully me having his pencils didn't impede Jorge from beginning episode 1. Haha I'm excited. Only 2 & 1/2 months left til Samnin's release. I think its almost time to begin promoting.

Alright guys I'll talk to you all later. PEAAACE.

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