No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/10/2004 4:22:25 PM
Message: officially nineteen. Never thought the difference from 18 to 19 was so much. but think about it, im almost 20, and then 21, and damn im still only in my first year of college. at this rate i'll be an architect by the time im 30 and not have time to make any babies. Oh well if all else fails i can just scrub for the rest of my life. Long time no see guys, we need to get together again, don't think i can this weekend because of homework and its filled in with the big UM game and other stuff on saturday. I'll call u guys this week though so we can get together next weekend. I feel like riding that bull you guys were talking about. Ill put down $20 that I can last longer than the two of you. Im always trying to prove something aren't I? Think i should stop that. Josh never take me to Vegas I got itchy palms, i'd probably lose my mom's house just to gamble more just to prove something. lol w/e Josh you really do work too much, you got a new car, u need to just go cruising sometime, enjoy the sights. Jorge dont stress yourself too much, everything will be alright. You kinda shouldnt complain about the things you have, other people should be so lucky, oh and u graduated partly thanks to teach. Just don't think bout it too much, its not your fault you dont have an opinion, your an your not supposed to have an opinion, just feelings. jk hope you guys are doing good, and Josh, hurry up and get rich so you can finance the Japan trip. Later guys.

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