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Josh  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 12/7/2004 9:12:23 AM
Seems that we've completely forgotten about the account. I suppose I'm to blame, I haven't been making my rounds.

Yesterday I found myself in a disgruntling mood, something along the lines of 'self-apathetic-pity.' I know the reasons for it too, though I'll be damned if I'm to disclose them here. THIS IS NOT A BLOG, dammit.

On another note, I've not gotten around to writing my other story about Halo Night, haven't exactly been up to it lately. Though Halo Night was glorious and brutal, I've not given it the attention it deserves.

Jorge is Jorge and I don't plan to explain this one, not in the mood. All I'll say is that, as is usual with Jorge, he strives to get 'stuff' done. Well Jorge, a notice headed your way...something's gonna happen and something's gonna change.

Finally, in conclusion [I didn't realize I could conclude rants] the so very wonderful Editor-in-Chief of the Gator Times [the once-great newspaper of my high school, Barbara Goleman] has decided to let go of the 'Online Editions' project. And so, I've sent a message her way [hope it reached her] that I would now be taken complete control of the site [as if it ever wasn't in my control] and do as I wish with it. Here's a link to the site if you care to check it It's in poor shape and hasn't been updated in a very long time, but that's due to the uncooperative paper. I've been contacted by some other students that are interested in taking the project toward a new purpose and I think I'll try to go with that. So, I'll be on/off with the Gator Times project...once again.

I've posted the first story of Halo Night on Memoirs. Here's a direct link to it..."Prelude to Halo Night"

Japanese Account
Week 10 [week of Dec. 6]
Amount due: 50
Individual Cumulative Total Due: 500
Individual Cumulative Totals:
 410 - Jorge
 350 - Josh
 200 - Jasser
Cumulative Total Due: 1500
Cumulative Total: 960.08 [Running Balance]
Accrued Interest: 8ยข

Jorge  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 1/30/2005 1:47:35 AM

I belive i still hold the belt for longest rant... So ill be the judge on how long it needs to be for it to be considered "rant" >_<

Never the less i continue on in the ol happy place. We did the movie/lunch. Now on to the bigger stuff.

I say we either bring halo out again, or josh an jasser join up in a dbz3 tournament. Watching josh and jasser battle it out always brough a smile to my face. On another note, I have been practicing with the ol shinai. We got some props. We can make costumes... And hell, mabey a little bit of special effects if we wanna throw in a little cash in to the mix.

I drool to the though of watching jasser and josh duel.

Jasser  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 4/4/2004 11:03:10 PM
Hey, its first post. Well you guys all know me as the wanna-be samurai, although i think i could beat josh in a duel. I admit though Jorge has me on the drawing thing. haha well later

Dre  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 4/27/2008 3:53:38 PM
Hey folks, Josh here. This is a filler message until Dre realizes that he's got an account on the website for ranting. I guess until then, this will remain. I suppose I'll offer up a bit of a more formal introduction. The newest member, in the four odd years since I added the ranting system and only individual to penetrate the original triad, Andres "Dre" Redondo. An artist of sorts, he has been associated with the group for years and has assisted in many inventions, as well as whine about not seeing any changes. Warm welcomes.

We'll find out how often he really checks the site as I don't intend to tell him of this new account and await his request for access to his new account.

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