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Josh  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 7/19/2006 11:23:22 AM
Gentlemen, I am glad to hear you are all well. Your newfound enthusiasm and ambition shows me that the decisions you have made in this past week have reenergized you to get back on the ball. As for me, I'm am back from my trip and feel a different kind of chi and the balance that sustains all life is tipping toward the positive.

We will be getting together this week; I haven't called any of you, but there are some further issues we need to discuss and close the matter altogether.

Jorge, with regard to your scanner, I'll be helping you shop for a new one (glad to see you're already stepping up to the plate). Jasser, I'm sure your party in the coming months will be the best of the best and I'll help you with your planning if necessary (ask me about what I mean later).

Well then, we shall be meeting shortly, but until then I bid you adieu.

Jorge  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 4/26/2006 8:45:42 PM
Internet is running today once more, so I'll take this chance to make a quickie.

Pre-conventions news so far arent so great. As if Jasser flaking out was bad enough, Dre wont be making the trip either. It really sux, the convention wont be the same with out them. That and Im cancelling my Joruji Cosplay debute since I was only going to do it since Dre was cosplaying too. I'd be the only one of my group doing it...

as for-->

The New Site: unknown

SamNin: the same...

NGears: ...

So sue me Josh I blogged... I guess thats all for now.

Jasser  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 8/25/2004 7:47:38 PM
hey guys...damn it hasnt been that long since ive posted sheesh. well im good, havent done much been goin out, and still "scrubbing" as josh refers to my job. think im gonna look for something air-conditioned...maybe a bank teller. or maybe ill just steal jorges job, jorge ur used to grimey hair anyway, you'll like it at my job and since im a future architect. started at miami dade today, it sucked but its just like highschool...only a good place to meet girls which im kinda happy bout that. oh well later guys

Dre  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 4/27/2008 3:53:38 PM
Hey folks, Josh here. This is a filler message until Dre realizes that he's got an account on the website for ranting. I guess until then, this will remain. I suppose I'll offer up a bit of a more formal introduction. The newest member, in the four odd years since I added the ranting system and only individual to penetrate the original triad, Andres "Dre" Redondo. An artist of sorts, he has been associated with the group for years and has assisted in many inventions, as well as whine about not seeing any changes. Warm welcomes.

We'll find out how often he really checks the site as I don't intend to tell him of this new account and await his request for access to his new account.

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