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Josh  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 1/15/2007 12:44:23 AM
Well we had some down time for a few days there, mostly due to my neglecting email for this past week. Nonetheless it's been taken care of. Funny thing is, I just stepped away to check some water I left boiling for some tea, didn't realize I did that near two hours ago (poor pot was dry as a bone), good thing I left it on low heat; but just the same, my mind's wandering somewhere else lately.

Looking forward to a trip to Orlando mid-February, it'll be nice to be able to relax and do what I please for a while. Course I have been thinking about the story, so it's not a complete waste of time; I've been getting little pieces of encouragement from here and there and it helps. I'm hoping once the office cools down a bit and finishes up that remodeling I can start working like my old self again. Good number of changes I want to roll including that little hot thing I put together a while back, once I get 'er goin' I'm sure to work the way I intended to.

I was thinking of posting up some new artwork, I know I've said it before, but this time I think enough time has passed. Only problem I have now is figuring out what to put up; I'm sure I'll find something though. A few code snippets need to be fixed here and there, some added, some removed, but I've got to clean up some before I can do that. It's always been a matter of starting, once I start I can get going, but I'm a sly fox so I'll avoid starting and work on something else that way I won't have to do a thing. Old habits sure die hard.

Well like I said, my mind's been wandering about lately, mostly on matters familiar to me; sorta stuck on cloud nine and feeling sappy 'cause I gotta come down.

Enough of that though, I'll report little later this week.

Jorge  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 1/15/2007 4:11:46 PM
Whooo, JR is back. I make it a habit to check everyday, and all of a sudden I'm at the Neotokyo site, and JR has been parked!? Called Josh right away, an he told me he's take care of it. Saturday went to tates so missed a chance at a cinema with Josh, mabey well catch one this week man, or we should call Jasser and have a game of buillards with him as well. Found myself the RX-79[G] GUNDAM Ez8!!! All I need now is a GOUF CUSTOM and I have the whole 8th MOBILE SUITE TEAM collection! I've never successfully collected any model kit series so this is exciting to me! Stayed up all night Saturday so Sunday morning I chilled with Angie and Eric for like an hour then went upstairs and died till Monday...

I'm glad you've been thinking of the story Josh, so have I. Tomorrow I'm buying a new sketch book so I can plot down some new ideas.

Thats all I for my update, Sanitario!

Jasser  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 7/25/2005 12:26:42 AM
Whats up guys. Hope everyone had fun playing paintball. Sorry for my brokedness, I wish I would have been able to come. I've been wanting to shoot josh in his mouth for as long as I could remember. Oh well. I'm sure there will be a next time.

Let me know about this meeting that we're going to have. My schedule is pretty much open for thursday and i think friday night, but I'm really not too positive if I'm working at night or in the morning. I'm almost positive I'm working in the morning though so we could always plan something out for then.

Oh well, I'm pretty sure Josh will be in touch with me, he wants his money. Pretty much my whole next paycheck. fucker. oh well we'll see how that ends up.

Dre  <Review Old Rants>
Post Date: 4/27/2008 3:53:38 PM
Hey folks, Josh here. This is a filler message until Dre realizes that he's got an account on the website for ranting. I guess until then, this will remain. I suppose I'll offer up a bit of a more formal introduction. The newest member, in the four odd years since I added the ranting system and only individual to penetrate the original triad, Andres "Dre" Redondo. An artist of sorts, he has been associated with the group for years and has assisted in many inventions, as well as whine about not seeing any changes. Warm welcomes.

We'll find out how often he really checks the site as I don't intend to tell him of this new account and await his request for access to his new account.


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